Pending City Decisions

Budget: At the May 18, 2020 Council meeting, staff discussed projected revenue shortfalls for both FY 2020 and FY 2021. Here are two documents distributed at the meeting along with the PowerPoint prepared and attached to the work session agenda. Sales revenues lag by two months so projections are just that. City staff have prior year reserves to draw upon for critical needs.

The budget adjustments for this current year will be discussed at upcoming council meetings; the city manager’s budget for 2021 will be introduced as a series of spending bills later this summer, for Council approval in September.

Short Term Rentals: Council discussed and tabled consideration of the Short Term Rental ordinance until the December 7, 2020 council meeting to allow for the Planning & Zoning Commission to take up additional amendments and for city staff and city residents to take stock of the impact that short term rentals are having after the COVID-19 restrictions on travel and special events.

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