About Me

Over the past ten years, Pat has volunteered for and been appointed to city boards and commissions including the Downtown Leadership Council and the city’s first Public Transit Advisory Commission. She was elected to serve the North Central Columbia Neighborhood Association as Board President from 2011 to 2013 and serves as the current chair of the City’s Historic Preservation Commission. The League of Women Voters named Pat their 2015 Outstanding Citizen of Boone County.

Pat got involved in community action in 2003 because pending development threatened to worsen flooding in her neighborhood. Since then, she has worked with a broad coalition to improve sewer capacity, to fight efforts to dismantle historic neighborhoods and to preserve the supply of affordable housing.

Pat lives in a 90+ year old home along N 6th Street. Living in, and fixing up, a small house in our central city strengthens her resolve that our core neighborhoods surrounding downtown are the backbone of affordable housing in our city and worthy of our protection. Pat works as the business manager for a small construction company that builds pole barns on acreage in the rural parts of the state. She is a graduate of Frostburg State College and Suffolk University Law School.