I believe in grass roots representation, standing on your porch and listening to your concerns,
talking with you over coffee. Until we can return to face to face conversation,
I invite you to contact me at patfowler4firstward@gmail.com or call or text at 573-256-6841.

Invite me, include me and stick with me while we, together, do the work.

Why I Ran

Our neighborhood protections do not go far enough in protecting our homes and apartments from out-of-scale redevelopment. Sidewalks, roads, storm and sanitary sewers in good repair are needed to protect the investment of time, and money we make in our homes and apartments, regardless of whether we rent or own. The First Ward would like its fair share of the resources the city has instead of quietly letting them go to other wards.

Within our First Ward boundaries are the largest collection of affordable housing in our city from small houses to small apartment buildings, the religious congregations and civic institutions that sustain our families, small school buildings that educate our children, private and public employment within walking distance of our homes, colleges, training programs, social service agencies who care for those of us in need. When sufficiently cared for these resources will make positive changes for our families.